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    The entire board needs to read this...

    It seems lately that threads/responses have become more an more "off topic". I know it probably isn't my place to post to the board, but we as a "community" are running the risk of losing prominant members. I by no means am saying that the innocent fluring, and occasional jokes need to go, but think that "comments" should stay in the thread's that they belong in. A thread on what women want is far different from papapump's back...get my point. Just my opinion. It would be a shame if this board started to fall apart.

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    your right Bronco. We already lost a few good guys. No need to lose any more over stupid crap. And i apologize to anyone and everyone i may have pissed off.

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    Ditto on the subject. If the standards are lowered than health & lives are at risk. Leasure and jokes are one thing, crudeness & infelicitious remarks are an affliction.

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    I get your point. The only reason I was a little "off-topic" in PaPa's back thread is because we're tight like that. I wouldn't have done it to anyone else on here. PaPa and I are "boys" least I think we are, aren't we P ??? (you say no and i'll tell them everything !!!! haha....)

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