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    Beer while on cycle?

    I have been on a strict diet for about 2 years with very minimal cheating and have hit the weights also very hard. I am in the middle of my Test E cycle and the results are amazing. anyway my question is I am going to the beach in two weeks and would like to be able to social drink for a couple of days while there. I havent drank alcohol since I have started working out. What backlash can I expect when I get back into the gym?

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    don't worry about the gym... worry about your liver and your health... IMO a few beers won't hurt... but why even risk it.. have a few but don't binge drink all weekend.
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    You'll be fine...

    Dbol does more damage than a few beers ever well. You'd be better off binge drinking for 4 weeks then using anadrol .

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