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    Angry PRIMO PUMP, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry

    first off... primo pump i gave you some advice on your situation with those faggots that tried to jack you, i said, "it's not worth fighting".. i ate my words tonight..
    just quickly, i'm visiting my moms house, and i am at a gas station before her neighborhood.
    some guy comes up asks for a ride.
    i say "no"
    he says, while holding a miller lite in his hand, "why not?"
    "because you're drinking and are drunk" i say.
    so then he gets mad, grabs that squeegee you wash your window with and swigs at me with it.
    i block it. and say "don't do this".
    he replies " i don't care how big you are, ****er" then swings again.
    long story short. i block it, hit him in the chops.
    he falls.
    i hit him again, and again, and again.
    his boys roll up in a red truck.
    i say " he swung at me and i'm calling the cops" they leave that bitch behind, but that ****er ran..
    cops didn't find him but, got a kick out of the story i told.

    point of this story is, i shouldn't have assumed what to do in that situation..
    i told primo pump what i thought he should have done. i did the total opposite, and i roid raged, and literallly barked like a dog, then went off on him.

    p.s- i asked chevron for the tape

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    you don't know what's going to happen in them kind of situation's bro

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    first instinct is best..if you feel the need to break it, its no fun having all this strength when you can't flex it on a mofo once in a while...but if you don't get's probably something in the back of your head telling you not too. who cares what people think or say, go with your own instincts.

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    atleast you walked away, ya know, it could of gone the other way real fast.

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    If they dont have a weapon.......swing. WHen in doubt, lay em out!!!

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    Good shyte bro, at least you were polite about the situation before shit got nasty...

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    Thumbs up

    LOL i told you bro, that shit happens so fast you just do not have to think, your reflexes take over and you just do it. I was not so mad as them trying to steal my gear as i was for them doing that shit when i had my wife and 8 month old son with me. Also the reason i was not the least bit intimidated is because when i was younger growing up in the city, hell knife fights were every Saturday night. Also there has been many times were i was forced to fight two or three people by myself. But you are a person who is not street savvy when it comes to fighting, well by all means hand your shit over to them and walk away. I am glad you are Ok bro.

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