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    Scotty, beam me up

    Swedish social security


    I called them mofo's last week on tuseday(the 28th)and talked to a chick. She told me she would send me all the neccesary papers that I need to fill in and a list of all the papers I need to include when I want to get cash from them.

    Anyway on thursday nothing had arrived and I had to go to another town(to meet my girl), I came back yesterday and STILL NO MUTHER****ING PAPERS.

    I just called them(a bitch to get through to them), got connected to some arab girl that hardly could speak swedish that told me that its no wonder the papers havent arrive since according to them I called the 5th this month. I told her "no no no on the 5th I was on the buss heading home from my girl so that is a impossibility". She then said something incomprehensible and redirected me to some other muther****er that didnt pic upp the phone

    Now a entire ****ing week is wasted because of those INCOMPETENT IDIOTS. I have 70 ****ing bucks to survive on and it takes upp to 3!!! weeks for them to check the papers after I have turned them in and will probably take me a few days to gather all the papers I need to include. So how the **** Im I gonna survive for close to 4 weeks with 70 bucks when I need to pay rent(400 bucks)within 3 weeks. Man Im gonna burst soon muther****ers

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    So typical bro.... stupid dumb asses!

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