im like 6'1 and i recently weighted in at 204, and my dad is like 5'11-6' and he only weights 200! but damn if he looks like hes got 30lbs on me.

we both workout, i dont have a high bf, maybe 14% tops. and i would think he has more cause he has a huge gut. but hes got so much more mass all over than me. his legs are huge. and hes just a big guy.
i dont know, people are surprised when i tell them my weight. if me and my dad stand next to each other youd think i was fitter, but its just are body types i guess. im kinda naturally tall and skinny, and hes more short and stocky. but hes still 6 foot.

it sucks though, cause people i think usually look bigger when they have muscle, but i guess i dont. : ( i just dont get how this is so. why he looks so much bigger than me!