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    Compartment syndrome--Help fellas!!

    I was told today by a doctor that I have chronic compartment syndrome in my leg(muscle on outside of lower leg--anterior compartment syndrome I think is the name)

    Anyone had this?
    Did you have surgery?
    How was the surgery and MAINLY the recovery(how long before you could run again)?
    Did the surgery help?

    Thanks for any info

    For those that arent exactly sure what it is here is a link to a web page talking about it..

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    opt. for conservtive treatment first, ie ice, rest masage, ibuprofen, if it doesn't work with in 6 wks or so consider surgery, always try conservative treatment first. also, you may consider working with a physical therapist.

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    I just had to have surgery bc I had compression compartment syndrome. Here is the link to the discussion. If you have any questions p.m. me!

    Compression Compartment Syndrome!!!(I almost lost my arm!)

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    i had the surgery for chronic compartment syndrome. PM if you have questions....make sure you do your research on this subject especially with surgery options

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