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    2 cortisone shots in one day :(

    What am I in for?

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    i know there are different types of cortisone injections. there are localized shots around problem areas of your back, and usually come as one shot. then there are what i believe are called blocks. the blocks attempt to stop the pain that is transmitted by nerves in the problem areas, and are usually a series of shots (3 or 4, something like that). Sure it may briefly hurt when the shot is administered, but if you're lucky it will provide relief for up to a few months

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    A hell of a lot of pain... my gawd!! I had one along time ago... wow it hurt.
    Straight in the cartiledge

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    Iv had two in my lower back and one in the knuckle on my index finger. OMG!!! I almost punched the Dr. when he jammed the pin into my knuckle. Fukin hurt like a MOFO!! Make sure he hits you with something to numb it before he hits you with the cortisone. That will help with the pain....Good luck!


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    i had 2 cortison shots 1 month ago because I had hives all over my chest stomach and neck
    ps i have athsma and sking allergy

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    well I got em done. no probs both in my back he just sprayed cold spray on before and well it is 3 days later and it never worked, he used cortisone, lidocaine which worked for about 6 hrs, and then some Depo stuff, but I got to go and get two more in the periformis muscle to see if it will help, I do have a slight herniation in the L4-L5 but I have had a chiropractor and a masootherapist say that they don't believe the disc has anything to do with the pain in my A$$ which have been to both numerous times and neither one of them have been able to get rid of my sciatica. getting real ****in pissed.

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