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    needle sales law

    does anyone have any knowledge on tha louisiana needle sales laws? ive been to some pharmacies that will not sell w/o a script, some that will sell sometimes and sometimes wont, and some that will sell u only so many per day, does anyone kno tha laws on this in louisiana?

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    Who cares lol Just buy em online. Probably be cheaper that way too!

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    Im pretty sure that it is up to the pharmacist in LA. Plus, they keep records. I would listen to MBaraso and just order them online. Safer, easier, and cheaper.

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    I have bought in the pharmacy but always with a big hassle except once at walmart. I got prescription test C now, and I might just do a thumbnail survey of NOLA drugstores and see how I do with the test in hand with my name and Dr name all over it. Oh, my ex, who was TS (female, now) was injecting estradiol (she only uses oral estinyl, now) and we often would go in together on a box of BD 3cc 21ga. She would buy the rigs when she filled her scrip. So get a TS GF and you are good to go LOL!

    Oh, you would be surprised at how many pharmacies don't keep enough in stock to sell by the box. (100) 25ga 1-1/2" pins are a tough item to find in the drugstore, too. Most only have 1" in that size so you have to get 23ga.

    I will probably go try a purchase tomorrow. It is almost time to train and get ready for work.

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