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    How long can meat stay out without it making you sick?


    Needs some time lines here folks.

    How long can meat that was frozen stay out once it has been thawd.

    Can you tell by the smell if its bad?

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    I leave deer meat that was once frozen in my fridge for up to 2 weeks and it's always good.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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    Re: How long can meat stay out without it making you sick?

    Zip your pants, Androplex! No one wants to see your meat anyway.

    (Okay, not that I've got that out of my system . . .)

    Depends on the meat. Ground beef will spoil faster than whole beef; ground beef should be used within two days of defrosting or purchase at the most. Other meat should be good for a few days, but go by the color as well as the smell - if it's getting gray, toss it.

    Needless to say, if you are going to defrost meat - or anything else - it is best done in the refrigerator; nothing should ever be defrosted on the counter top. Keep in mind that the larger the piece of meat (a full roast, for example), the longer it will take to defrost.

    Bon appetit.

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    If you're talking about just on the counter, you can keep it out for a couple of hours, but not in direct heat.

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    yeah i thaw my meat out on the counter I usually leave it there for a few hours Been doing it for a while and havent been sick yet Knock on wood

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    I went ahead and eat that meat, after I cooked it of course. It was steak, tip lion beef. Maybe dog.

    I did not get sick last night. Was really scared about this however.

    I could not remember when I put that meat in the microwave to defrost. I think it sat in the microwave for a least 4 hours before I cooked it.

    I would have been really upset with myself if I got sick and had to stop my workouts due to food poisoning that I could had prevented.


    What an idiot I am!

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