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    F**king food

    On saturday I went to a G-Damn county fair with my daughter. You know trying to be the good dad. Well, I ate some grilled chicken from some little oriental vendor. That night I got wicked sick. Fever, felt like I was gonna puke all night but nothing. However, I had the worst case of diareaha and still do. I've now lost 15lbs in four days. Not the type of cutting diet I was thinkin. I still can't eat. Everything is going right through me. My doctor won't see me because I don't have a fever anymore. He said to wait it out, and if I don't feel better by this weekend that he will see me monday. What a f*ckin joke. Can't eat or work out really sucks.................

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    food poisoning is horrible, but nothing compares to a stomach virus.. i had one a few years back spent.. i got it for 2 long weeks, my temp got to 102.. i had the worst fxching headachs, nausia, vomiting, and stomach cramps all at the same time.. my body was purging it self much that if i even saw or smelled food i would instantly get sicker.

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    I know that feeling, i had food poisoning from none other than taco bell. it was a week of hell on earth. im sure you got sick from eating raw cat.

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    County fair food is poison. Just one look at the vendors/employees and i lose my appetite.

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    Got food poisonning from Taco-Hell too...

    Good god... never again! I had a 2 hour drive home and I think I visited EVERY service station toilet between Plattsburg, NY and Montreal! I was in such bad shape that even the Canadian Customs officer wanted to call me an ambulance when I crossed the border!


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    Im with ya bro, I got food poisoning from chicken at a japanese stake house....... diarhea all night and threw up......had a trash can in front of me and sittin on the sh*tter, lost 15 lbs in 2 days. wasnt able to eat for 4 days one of those days was thanksgiving to which sucked.

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    i know what you mean bro. awhile back i ate a few pieces of pizza from pizza hut and i threw up at least 18 or 19 times that night. in fact i threw up so much that the acid from the vomit damaged my esophagus

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    that sucks i know how you feel and hope you get better soon. i have had food poison from chicken and fish befor.

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