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    Hilarious happening at my track workout!

    I was warming up for my track session and these guys that all work at HHGregg together roll through hootin and hollerin'. I get the low down and two of them have actually thrown down $200 each to see who can beat who in a mile race! They both had supposedly been talking shit all week. And they sure as hell were before the race! While I am a sprinter and don't know jack about distance running, I know the extreme basics. They were asking if you have to stay in your designated lane etc. I said you just line up and run your race, there is no lane violations in distance running. They both start so goddamn slow it's funny, while one is trailing badly behind the other. After not even a lap and a half, one of them slows down to a walk..for a bit..then starts jogging again. After completing two laps, he STOPS! Over a $200 bet! He walks across the infield to where everyone is watching AND videotaping this whole debacle. He immediately starts bitching and whining saying that the other guy cheated because he didnt stay in "his" lane! The bitching goes on for an hour. Various resolutions were conjurred to make it fair, but they were NOT having it! The guy who stopped running said the other guy cheated, and would not have it any other but getting all the money he so "rightfully" deserved. The other guy, who did the right thing, by keeping on running, said "I'm not gonna let you bitch your way out of this and keep the money, it was a ****ing bet!" The sissy kept on insisting that he cheated. The one who finished the race said "if you feel this is your money, you can come and try and take from me." It turned into the funniest brawl I've ever seen. Both these guys were already dog tired and throwin wild ass punches. The guy who won the race anyway tagged his ass real good a couple times, the sissy never really got a good lick. After the fight ended these muh****ers were still bitchin. To make a long story short, it was never really resolved, the friends took the money, the two guys left in separate cars etc...needless to say it was fackin hilarious and I definitely did not expect that to happen at my track session! hahahahaha!
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    haha now that would be a good morning cardio sessions

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