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Thread: Best book EVER

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    Best book EVER

    I have read my fair share of books in my life and finaly I have found a book worthy of taking the "best ever" throne from the foundation triology.

    Pandora's Star by Peter Hamilton. This book has got it all. Its thick as hell(close to 1200 pages), its got wonderfull characters, a involving plot. Some parts is damn tense and its just ****ing great. The first 300 pages is a little slow but after that its pure enjoyment.

    Now I just have to pic up part 2 and pray to god its just as good.

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    It's better then Jose Canseco's new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smak dat puzz
    It's better then Jose Canseco's new one?
    Johan, I received an email back from my professor about Siddhartha's book. It took him a while to answer, b/c he was on vacation.
    The name of the book is called:
    An Indian Tale
    author: Herman Hesse

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