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Thread: Im sick....

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    Unhappy Im sick....

    I trained legs yesterday (extrmely hard) then I cam home and was feeling achy and hto and like overall shit. I took my temp b4 bed and it was 100.1 deg, I woke up in the middle of the night with the chills, huge fever (101.5 deg.) and overall achiness and an EXTREMELY sore throat. THis suck, i think i have strep, i can drink anythign bc my throat is literlly burning like firs, i'm thinkin about going to the hospital to get an IV for hydration, after the doc. Hopefully i can get some pretein shakes down today. Man this really sucks

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    Get better soon man. It really sucks when you get sick, you feel like crap and cant go to the gym and feel like you lost 20 lbs. Just take it easy and get better.


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    Rest up bro and make sure you are constantly drinking water to keep hydrated.

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    That sucks sorry to hear bro!

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