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    Man, I hope this doesnt **** up my show!!

    Well guys, Tomorrow I am taking an agility test for the local fire dept. A guy I know says that if I'm hired on I'll be starting the academy in Sept. and the academy goes from 6:00a-6:00p mon-Fri. My show is the 3rd weekend in Sept. I truly hope this doesnt mess me up too bad. I asked him about getting breaks in class and stuff, he told me that we get them, so I'll just pack some food and try to stay on track w/ the diet. But with 12 hr days Mon-Fri it's going to be so ****ing hard to try to train and do cardio!!! Christ, you figure if I'm at the school for 12 hours, then give another 1 hr of driving b/ time there and back, I'll only have an extra 3-4 hrs out of my day to cook, eat, train, cardio, if I wanna get any kind of sleep at all. But realistically, if the class starts only 2-3 weeks out from a show I'm not really gaining muscle anyways, just trying to preserve what I got and lose some fat. I dont think at this point it's going to hurt me too bad, maybe fatigue me a little more than i already am. And who knows, maybe it starts the last week in Sept, right after my show, how perfect would that be?? I mean, I would think after they notified you of being hired or not they'd give you a couple weeks to notify your current employer, so maybe I'm not that bad after all. My life is a little strange rigth now. I make good money, but all I do is strip and travel on the weekends. I am getting married next May and I just feel like I need some balance in my life, I want to be able to mortgage a home soon and do the family thing. I also have a real estate thing I'm trying to get going and think the fire dept would be awesome for that because of all the time off they get. They work like 24 hrs on, then get 48hrs off. And they have a weight room at the firehouse too, squat rack and all. So I could train at work, not a bad deal. It would be a perfect job for bodybuilding and having enough time to do something on the side for more $$$$. I'm just stressing about the show, in the whole scheme of things there will always be more shows down the road, but I need to do this one. I guess I'll just do what I have to do in order to do the show and win, theres no going back. Not really sure why I wrote this post, thanks for listening.

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    other than being more tired all the time, i dont think it iwll effect u bro.. but good luck and ill see u at your show mang

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