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    the gym

    My girl watches the lifetime channel,this station needs to ****ing die!!!

    I hate this channel, I call it the man basher station. Every ****ing movie is some bullshit "true story" about some man who went apeshit and bacame abusive or a murdered, rapist, etc etc. Well today I walk in the door and my girl is watching a movie. Low and behold it's about a man who is "addicted" to steroids !! He rapes his wife and beats her ass up and down. He builds his own home gym and looks at himself in the mirror while shooting, a few parts where he breaks down crying and yelling, all the classic bullshit that comes along with the steroid rap. The guy they used to play the part was pathetic too, a scrawny ****er. Maybe a buck seventy five or so. His home gym had 175 or so on his incline bench, you know ,some real weight!!! anyways, tonight I get into an argument with my fiance about money(what else do couples fight over?) and she brings up the whole steroid deal. "you've probably spent 5 ****ing grand in the past 9 or 10 months on juice!! Blah blah blah" I dont know that its been quite that much, but I know guys that burn through that kind of money in a bar within a 10 month period easy, but just because I spend my money on juice its a problem. **** lifetime and all its bullshit shows, this probably never would have come out of her mouth if that stupid ****ing flick wasnt on today.

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    One thing I learned about women in my short time here, their gonna find something to bitch about, always..

    The key is to find one who's bitching you can stand.. I cant stand someone bitching about money.

    I worked very hard (6 years of university) to get to where I am, and I'll be damned if i'll let anyone else tell me how I can spend my money after I've just started making some a little over 5 months ago... I do save, but i aslo buy what I want.

    Sorry man, dunno what to tell you, how I handle things is different than most others. I'd have shown her the door the first time she mentioned MY money...

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    in your girls panties
    LIFETIME MOVIES HAVE CORRUPTED MY MOTHERS BRAIN ALSO!!! HELP! I CAN'T TALK WITH HER ANYMORE. I know what you mean though bruh. Call up your cable company and have the channel blocked.


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    I've seen that movie...LOL yep...I like that channel too!!!

    Funny my ex used to hate it when he'd come over and see that channel on! life with him was a MADE for LIFETIME MOVIE!!!

    Heheheehe ... his life NOW is one as well!

    Stuck with a fat, lazy, sponging leach of a woman who won't leave LOL. Man's gonna be stuck with her till he moves to Japan on orders. Thank god for him ... she can't go unless they marry....and that ain't happening!!! LMAO!

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