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Thread: Travel Ideas

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    Travel Ideas

    Alright..... So im tired of thinking about it.... I am taking off 2 months and going to travel Dec - January. My problem is I want to go everywhere and cannot decide on where to go. I dont know if I want somewhere with a "home base" so to speak and take day trips out different places or If i just want to straight up back pack it and go. I was thinking Central America like Costa Rica.... .. iknow very basic spanish......... or Capetown South africa...... or do the whole backpack through Europe thing.... or Brazil..... or Iceland..... Spain

    Give me some direction Damnit..... I need to make a decision for my own mental health and stick with it............

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    I did Western Europe this summer. It was fantabulous. Ireland, Scotland,England,Netherlands,France, and Spain.

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    Capetown is beautiful, darling! A client took me there, once. They are very uptight about transsexuals, though. This was early in my transition, and I was able to go dressed as a man and then just get pretty in the privacy of our room. I did venture out en femme a couple of times in the evenings, and other than a few stares, no real hassle. There is an inner harbor area called Victoria Center I think it is called, with lots of very upscale shops (Girl, he bought me a beautiful Tanzanite ring... 4.3 carats!) and nice restaurants and bars. You can go sailing on table bay on one of the lovely old schooners and sloops that go out for short trips around the bay. The waterside restaurants that look out over where those boats dock are mostly very good, and the weather almost always lends itself well to dining al fresco. Hold on to your bread and napkin when the wind gusts up, though. Oh, definitely ride the tram up to the top of Table Mountain. Pick a sunny day. When it is cloudy, the clouds pile right up and spill over the top of the mountain and it is all dreary and damp and the view is obscured. Oh, as with most of sub saharan Africa, HIV is very much a problem, so keep that in mind when the lovely local girls start making moon eyes at you.

    There is an ampitheater there in the same area where on Sundays high school kids do native dancing, drumming, and singing. Their exhuberance is quite infectuos, and the young ladies often grab someone from the audience to come up and participate.

    Crime can be a problem there after dark. I am large enough to intimidate most common hoodlums, but lately more of the thugs go about armed. If you see lots of White folks, you are probably in the right place. If you find yourself in an area with poor lighting and not a friendly face anywhere, black or white, then you are not in the right place at all.

    As for Central America, you could try Belize for starters, or the Caribbean coast of Honduras or the Bay Islands. English is spoken there. Almost all the coastal people, particularly the north coast, are English speakers, a legacy from when the English and Scottish Baymen and pirates settled there. Ditto Belize. English is the official language, though with the influx of refugees over the last 30 years, Spanish is becoming increasingly common to hear.

    Mexico can be quite nice. If you drive down 180/186 you pass through areas where you have both the coast and the mountains. Poza Rica is lovely. The little coastal villages like Nautla and Gutierrez Zamora are pleasant and peaceful. You can get a little cottage or cabana facing the beach amidst orderly rows of coconut trees. Behind you, across the highway, cattle graze on the lush green hillsides divided up into neat checkerboard patterns with fences that have living fenceposts... gumbo-limbo trees. You can cut off a branch and stick it in the ground as a new fencepost, and soon it takes root and pushes up leaves. The food of course is superb, and very reasonable in the little roadside restaurants. Seafood, of course, truly shines there, girlfriend. "Huachinango" is snapper in Spanish. Camaron (accent on the last syllable) is shrimp. Those two words, and "cerveza" and "la cuenta, por favor) are all the Spanish you need. I love Mexico also because it is very trans-friendly. Me and three friends all drove down to Villahermosa in Selma's lovely old caddy convertible and girl, we felt like the Wong Fu girls, driving down the windy twisty roads with our fab retro headscarves protecting our coiffures. Girl, wherever we stopped we were immediately the center of attention, but it was all very nice attention. The men were all true gentlemen, and the ladies very solicitous of our comfort and happiness. You can get a 180 day tourist visa, which we did, and we stayed almost a month, just wandering around relaxing and caddilacking up and down the coastal highways and over the mountains. Oh, girl, by the way, NEVER try to explore Mayan ruins in heels! I ruined a lovely pair of Gandolfos, and nearly wrecked my ankle. We had a young man as a tour guide there (the ruins at Tulum) and he probably weighed all of 115 pounds, and when he tried to assist me in regaining my footing, he took a tumble and banged his knee up very badly. I'm a big girl, you know.

    Actually once you get as far south as Villahermosa, you may as well continue on down to Chetumal, and cross over into Belize. You can drive on your US license and they drive on the right side of the road, like we do. 4WD is recommended, due to the state of the roads. The roads in Mexico are quite nice, but in Belize, not so good. The Southern Highway is still not paved, and parts of it wash out during the rainy season. The Old Northern Highway is a single lane of asphalt. The western highway, beyond Cayo, is very rough. But you will probably want to park your car somewhere and catch a boat out to the Cayes. Caye Caulker is very mellow. San Pedro is nice but more touristy.

    Well, Girlfriend, wherever you go, be safe and have fun.

    Love and snuggles
    Anna Bollick
    Juiced Shemale Hooker.

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    I never been to iceland but I would love to go there. The volcanoes and stuff seems realy cool and a unique country aswell. Northern sweden has very good hiking paths if you like untouched mountain areas.

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