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Thread: 3 questions

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    3 questions

    well i have 3 questions, and i would put each one in a different forum, but i decided to be lazy.

    Question 1. do you really think cardio after weights is that bad? i mean, ive always heard that the reason not run/cardio after weights is because you are breaking down muscles again. what if you worked back/bi and walked a mile to get home, would that still be bad?

    Question 2. is working out 4 times a week the norm, or has it scientifically been proven to promote most effiicient gains. i ask this because i work out all body parts in an average of about 1.5 weeks and my gains are actually better for some reason.

    Question 3. is rice in general a low gi carb? it seems to be the healthiest food i can find at my college. i eat the mexican rice, its like orangish color.

    anyway, 3 very random questions that definently need your input. thanks.

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