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Thread: Really Annoying

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    Really Annoying

    i live in an apartment on a main road. my car has an alarm on it so when i park on the main road i just lock the doors and disable the alarm because it will just go off from other cars/trucks just driving by. plus being on a main road im less worried about theft..

    heres the problem.. there is a peice of $hit bmw that a neighbor owns that for the last 3 days has been going off all night and all morning.. it would be one thing if after like 2 minutes the alarm would shut itself off but it just goes and goes.. i lost so much sleep the last 2 days because of it..

    wait until i see the owner of it and go off on him...
    just had to vent

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    He has no idea what he's in for!!!!

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    Have a quiet word with him bro. If that doesnt work use force next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatrixGuy
    Have a quiet word with him bro. If that doesnt work use force next time.

    couldnt agree more, dont want to get an assault charge/sued filed on you. take it slow and easy. if that dont work do what matrixguy says. GL brotha

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    Smash his window so there is a reason at least for his alarm to go off.

    Toss a brick through it!


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