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    Training with a bodybuilder?

    This is a rather unusual question but hopefully one of you bros has some ideas. Basically i have moved over to New Zealand for the UK for a year. I am out of shape just now however over the past few weeks i have been getting my diet and training back on. Now i want to go back to the UK in next year in the best condition of my life. I am over here so i can fully concentrate on training with no distractions. I dont have a workout partner but was thinking of somehow trying to find a competiting bodybuilder and i will pay for them to get me in great shape. Obiviously this is like a personal trainer but my own opinion of them is that the majority of them are useless as anyone can become one. Does anybody have any ideas how i would go about this> I am talking diet planned out and training etc.
    Cheers guys

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    No , he doesnt pay me to say this..he should tho hehe jk

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    if i were you i would contact Swole he knows his shit, and besides bro even the pros have trainers i workes calves with Lee Preist about 5 weeks ago with Lee and his trainer fron Lancaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronFreakX

    No , he doesnt pay me to say this..he should tho hehe jk

    I can get you on payroll, yes!


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