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    Useless Trivia Pt. 5

    1. The simple act of walking requires the use of 200 muscles in the human body. 40 or so will lift your leg and move it forward.

    2. The average adult has between 40 and 50 billion fat cells(DAMN)

    3. There is a house in Rockport, Massachusetts, built entirely of newspaper. The Paper House at Pigeon Cove, as it is called, is made of 215 thicknesses of newspaper.

    4. The venom of a King Cobra is so deadly that one gram of it can kill 150 people. Just to handle the substance can put one in a coma.

    5. The strongest bone in the body, the thigh bone, is hollow. Ounce for ounce, it has a greater pressure tolerance and bearing strength than a rod of equivilant size in cast steel.

    6. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.

    7.Visible for miles, the original Hollywood sign read "Hollywoodland" and was lit up by 4,000 lights. A 400-foot-high replacement was erected in 1978, Hollywood's 75th anniversary.

    8. The substance that human blood resembles most closely in terms of chemical composition is sea water.

    9.Cows have four stomachs. Often, when a calf is born, the farmer will make it swallow a magnet. This is to attract the various nails, staples, bits of wire, and so on, that the cow may ingest while grazing. This odd hunger is known as "hardware disease."

    10. "Mageiricophobia" is the intense fear of having to cook.

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    Swans are unable to pass wind in either direction.

    Since many of you have probably not spent much time around a Swan to find this out I will tell you how I know......

    There were a number of sick individuals (who were never caught as far as I know) who, many years back in my local area, started feeding Swans with Alka-Seltza. Of course the Swans, unable to lose the excess gas caused by gobbling up a pack of said fizzy pills, died rather nastily as their stomachs exploded inside them.

    This was all printed in the local newpaper - I remember reading it when I was about 12 yrs old, and myself and a small "gang" of other like minded 12 yrs olds started patrolling the local park where this rather sick crime was being commited, in the hope that we could find the people responsible.

    We were asked, very politely, by the local Police and the game warden in the park if we could stop patrolling because we were frightening the elderly people who were walking their dogs! Im not entirely sure what a bunch of 12 yrs olds would have been able to do had we found the perps, but at least we went to look!

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    Those are some funny things, not laughing at what you wrote Kaz, that's sad stuff, damn sick fucks!

    Keep them coming! (back to the original message .)

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    Hahaha Kaz, that is fuckin hilarious. My only experience of bird cruelty was when I vacationed in Cancun a few years ago during spring break. We stayed at the Oasis where this was this loud-ass peacock that woke us up every morning. So that last morning we were there we threw rocks off the balcony and one of my friends nailed the peacock and it sort of went down looking in the other direction. 10 minutes later, 5 mexican security guards came to the room and made us check out early.

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