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    .99 cents profit per gal of oil

    this time last year, the oil companies reported .33 cents per gallon profit of gas sold in the USA.. average price 1 year ago??

    remember.. $1.79 cents

    today, they have reported .99 cents per gal of gas sold..

    average price $2.69 per gallon.. around here anyway..

    it's not the storms, it's not the war it's not anything but pure greed, and now there will be a congressional investigation..
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    so is this Bush's fault ??? considering his whole family hangsout wth the Sadi's and he was into the oil buiss before he was elected

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    well good bring that shit back down

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    they have to raise the price so that the supply meets the demand.. if they sold gas for under 2.00 there wouldn't be enough for everybody.. that extra money goes to oil companies, and gas companies.. it sucks, i know, but that's how they're getting away with this bullshxt..

    it seems the solutions aren't all that feasible either; drive hybrids instead of muscle cars and trucks? drill alaska? man, that aint gonna happen..

    all we can hope for is that we get more oil, or just keep our gas intake low.

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    Wouldn't it be GOOD that Bush is closer to oil sources? He can get us all cheaper oil and not to mention more reserves in times of need.

    But of cours enot, you assume hes evil w/o proof.

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    he is evil.... this place is rampant with dumbasses

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