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Thread: what can it be?

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    what can it be?

    Good ol' carbs..mmmm

    and no i will not douse the chicken in bbq sauce and eat a huge basket of fries w bbq sauce with it

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    Is this a hoss caliber thread or what???

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    Boil your chicken until it is just cooked through. Cool and bone. Slice it up, toss the skin. Cut up half a bunch of celery, slicing big diagonal pieces. Remove the sten, core, and seeds from one large jalapeno, and mince it up. Cut up one bunch of green onions, tops and all. Lightly saute two carrots, sliced diagonally, until they JUST begin to take a color... about two minutes. Thrown everything into a stock pot with some water or chicken broth. I like the water... makes a clear, more oriental style soup. Bring to boil and then simmer 10 minutes, no more. Add a handful of chopped up cilantro and a couple dashes of soy sauce... not too much. Just a couple dashes. Add a shake of Lawry's season-all. Remove from heat, let stand 10 minutes covered and eat it all up, Girl. For variety you could add some shiitake mushrooms or water chestnuts or bamboo shoots or pak choi.


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