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    A priest and his friend go fishing, and the priest hooks a big one. When he finally gets it ashore, his friend yells, "look at that sonuvabitch!" The priest gives the man a disgusted look. "You're misunderstanind," his friend says. "Thats what kind of a fish it is: a sonuvabitch."

    So the priest brings the fish to a nun to cook. "Sister," he says, "look at this sonuvabitch!" The nun gives him a foul look. But after the priest explains what kind of fish it is, she agrees to cook it and invites the pope over fo rdinner.

    When the pope arrives the priest boasts, "I caught this sonuvabitch!" The nun says, "I cooked the sonuvabitch!"
    The pope smiles and says, "Hey, you ****ers are all right!"

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    haha..good stuff

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