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Thread: Hello All

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    Hello All

    It has seemed like it has been a lifetime since i was on the board, i am still glad to see all the good info flowing here. I have only been able to get on here 4-5 times in the last 6 months due to me not having my own internet connection at home.

    But i vow to remedy this ASAP and will be back on all the time just as before.

    I am actually helping a woman get a cutting plan going, the only problem is she is anywhere between 330-370lbs i am guessing?

    Don't laugh, its not gonna hurt her to try it, i have explained to her what it takes to achieve her goal and have laid alot of it out on paper for her based off the cutting diet we have here, naturally it will have to be customized for her.

    Would anybody even know how low she should go on the calories at first? Obviously i am not to worried about her losing muscle with her weight being so high but of course wanna keep it to a minimum.

    I am thinking somewhere in the range of 2500-2800kCals a day to start (maybe higher, will research) to start with and when she hits a plateau knock it down a tad and adjust some macros etc...

    Just wondering if anyone has worked with someone so out of shape before? Would appreciate any advice.

    Hope everyone is well and training hard, will be back soon.


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    I'd say surgery is a good option. No only kidding. Its pretty hard to give advice on this one bro as tere are so many variables to take into consideration. I'd get her doing a lot of cardio at first though if only for a matter of personal health if nothing else and just see how things go from there. As for the diet side of things I think you wold be best off asking the Swolecat.

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