it sucked so bad, i was talking to a friend on aim and we stopped talking but 5 minutes later she sends me a message saying DAMN!!! and then it had a link to it. i click on the link and it was the viruses. so it massivley sent itself out to all my friends who were signed on my buddy list. i tried to stop it but it was so fast, so i logged off aim, and that stopped it.

my virus software ran out like 6 months ago, and i havent gotten it renewed in forever. so i run one of them Mcafee, it finds a couple and then im thinking its gone. so i leave, i had to go home because of doctors appointments. this happend to my computer at college. when i got home, my parents computer was infected with the same thing, but their software was up to date, so they ran it and got it solved. then when i came back, my internet provider put my computer in quarintine, cause i was mass spamming over 250 emails/instant messages per minute, plus i was attacking other peoples security defenses. so it sucked cause i bought a new nortin, but i couldnt update the virus deffintions cause they wouldnt let me go anywhere, so i had to hop backwards through hoops for them to take me off. i finally got it updated, and killed the viruses. that sucked, not only did it shut me down for several days, but it sent so many copys of itself to my friends, and their all pissed at me, like i can do anything about it. that sucked. but now ive got updated virus software mcafee and nortin, and i have microsoft spyware and spy sweeper, so i should be alright now,

so just watch out, that thing would spread itself pretty fast, 3 of my friends plus my parents got the virus, and then it would duplicate and spread, so if you get a message from a friend with a link, make sure you are activley talking to them and its not a virus. they should be able to tell you, well i was atleast to tell everybody not to click on anything i sent them, cause its a virus.