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    Need a site/host...

    where you can post pictures and are able to somehow protect them so sickos can't "right click/save as" and you suddenly become their wallpaper


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    theres a trick where if u try to right click a message will come up saying whatever u want. it doesnt matter where u post them u just gotta know how to do it. unfortunately i dontt but maybe someone else will

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    i don't know the exact code, but i believe it has to do with a mouse where command in java...When the mouse is anywhere within the specified location, no commands are allowed to be executed, at which point you call up a pop up window. Find the site where u've seen it, and view the source code. You might find it there.

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    Primo, I have the code that you want. It is a simple java code. Let me know what I can do for you and I will take care of it. In actuallity though, there is no way to totally protect an image. I can take any image I want if I really want to, but for those who are not into computers as much, they will not be able to even right click on it.

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    You could always take a screen shot and paste it into a program. As Jason said, there is no way to protect it.

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    Ditto on the fact that there's no sure-fire way to protect an image. All you can do it make it harder for the less knowedgable.

    As for the javascrpt code, I personally hate it; I do a lot of right-clicking when I surf and site that disable right clicks bug the f**k out of me; I close the windows and move on in short order... So the javascript code gives you limited security and might offend a lot of people coming to the site. It's a trade-off!

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