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    me and friends worked a haunted house...

    it was SO fun! there were 2 actually. one was for younger kids and the one we did was for older kids. Where it was held wanted an age limit to target and we said probably 11-12+. it wasnt that big but pretty scary to kids. we had scenes from some movies, like i ended up being freddy and my wife was a sleeping victim on a bed, and when kids walked in, shed act like she was havin a nightmare and say things like "dont fall asleep, kruger, wake me up, its only a dream" and when they all focused on her, id jump out and scare the freak out of em. we had this butcher guy choppin up stuff, including a chick with a fake arm, guy with a real chainsaw which was awsome, werewolves, vamps, tried to do and had a good setup for silence of the lambs, but none of the kids knew what he was doing so he started acting like an insane guy. so anyway, parents came thru with their 6yr olds wantin to go in...we advised not to, but they insisted so ok. in the first 45 mins, i counted around 10 kids cryin their eyes out attached to their parents hip or the parents havin to hold em, and at the same time parents were getting startled and edgy. every room had at least one secret room or tunnel we would jump out of, grab, wed pull em in and hold em, yellin and slashin at him, not just yell boo, but actually grabbed and acted like we were pullin em back in this dark was awsome, even the 9yr olds were freaked out. i like mine cuz i had a fake door on the other side of the bed so id jump out and theyd make a mad dash for the door and then they were stuck in a corner with me comin at em. classic! really fun. anyone else work one this year or past years? i guess the best thing that happened in my room, there was a group of about 8, and i know when my wife started her thing, they came in. i can hear, "you go first, no you go first, im not goin in..." etc, and the previous room was the insane guy, so he comes runnin out of his cell yellin at em "get out of here!" so of course they come stumblin in my room. they look at my wife, and we used that as a distractor so they think thats all there is in the room, so they calm down a sec, and as they are in about half way, thats when i would come out when they werent expecting it and they all ran for the fake door, all of em fell, one grabbed onto the handle and tried to pull from the ground as i was comin and was funny.

    check out my friend in this pic, looks real huh! like a real wraith!
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    lol sounds like fun

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