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    Damn, phucked up stuff

    was watching the giants game today and, during half time they were doing this mini documentery on this high-school kid. well to make a long story short, he was born with no legs at all, and he still plays football for his high school, and hes just not sitting on the sideline he is getting pt.he was pretty fast too for just having to use his arms. many ppl in his position would probably give up on life, but he just seems to stay so yeah that was my reality check of the month!

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    Yeah, amazing what some people will pull through. Just shows that the human will can be so strong no physical boundries can stop it. There was a thread started about a teenage lifter who became paralysed from the waist down and still continued to workout despite his disability. He eventually went on to compete. All I gotta say is props to those people

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    pretty cool, our coaches son has one arm and he was a back...kid could play, worked twice as hard as everyone else like he had something to prove...motivation+dedication usually the formula for success

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    wow i didnt catch that at halftime. he plays HS football and runs on his hands? I'd feel bad to hit or tackle the guy.

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