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    My dad smashed my pumpkin one year!!

    About 10 years ago I remember carving this masterpiece of a pumpkin. Pumpkin smashing was really big around our neighborhood, and I used to put all this time into pumpkins just to have them smashed, so one year I decided I was going to carve"f*ck you" in my pumpkin just to get my message across. It was this huge ass pumpkin, probably 30 -40 lb or some shit. I didnt carve out **** you, I carved it so the letters were part of the pumpkin!! Took me like 3 hours. So anyways, I carved the word **** so big that I couldnt fit YOU on there. So I had this huge ass pumpkin that just said F*CK,hahahhahaa. I lit it up and put it out fron on Halloween night,hahahahaha. My dad always came home from work late, around 10pm or so. About 3 dozen kids saw my pumpkin lit up before it got smashed by Dad. And the best part of it all was our house was on a T in the road, so anybody coming to the stop sign across the street saw it plain as day. All the neighbors saw it, EVERYBODY,hahhahahahha. My dad was SOOOOOOOO pissed and embarassed, he backhanded me good that night, hahahha. I'll never forget my F word pumpkin. LOL

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    Canada eh
    LOL cute

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    I'll never forget this story!!!

    Good one.

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    hahahaaa i can see a pumpkin with just fvck carved on it hahah

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    Best carving idea i have heard

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    Your Dad sounds a bit abusive... I couldn't dream of doing some messed up shit like that to my son. Of course, it also explains a lot about your personality. You can be a bit abrasive at times.

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