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    Under Media pressure the NFL bans Ephedrine

    Look for this to affect the league because this will cause suspension of many players. Ephedra is everywhere.

    From the usatoday:

    Players face new drug test

    NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL will start testing players for the stimulant ephedrine on July 1, making it the first U.S. pro league to ban a substance often found in strength-building food supplements.

    The ban on ephedrine, which and can cause seizures, strokes or death, and related stimulants became part of the league's anti-steroid policy — subjecting players to year-round random testing — in September.

    At the time, commissioner Paul Tagliabue said the testing wouldn't begin until after further consultations with the NFL Players Association, which had approved the ban but not the timing.

    Now the testing program, reported on by the New York Times on Friday, has been agreed to by union executive director Gene Upshaw and NFL executive vice president Harold Henderson.

    Players testing positive for ephedrine will be subject to a four-game suspension.

    "We're in the process of beginning to notify the players," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Friday. "There will be postings in every locker room saying ephedrine testing begins July 1."

    That memo, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, reads in part: "As you recall, last season the NFL and NFL Players Association agreed to ban the use of certain stimulants including ephedrine. Products containing these stimulants are often promoted for weight loss or increased energy; however, there is growing evidence linking these products to several life-threatening conditions such as strokes, seizures, thermo-regulatory disorders and heart arrhythmias."

    Ephedrine's herbal form, ephedra, is an ingredient in about 200 supplements used for weight loss, building muscle or boosting energy.

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    isn't it out of your system really quick?

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    How can they do that? Is Aspirin next?

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    What's Bill Romanovski gonna do ? He's lives on that stuff !

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    Good call Canes....Romo's a wicked LB for sure, but the guy does like you said literally live on pills. Then again look at guys like Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe they probably are also along with COUNTLESS others in the league...but I do agree it is retarded to ban it I think.

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    There goes Marshall Faulk's Xenadrine endorsement!

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    I guess Marshall is switching to the ephedrine free Xenadrine!!!!

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    That is a bummer but steroids are illegal too and we all know that no uses that substance in the NFL. It will hurt their pocket books more than there use. I am not sure how long it stays in your system for testing purpose's but it is not very long.

    As far as Romo. He is finally with the team he has always belonged on. The Raiders. I have allways said he would be a great Raider. He will strenghten their linebackers and here they come. I can not wait for football. Can not wait to see the Raiders D this year.

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