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    Torn rotator sergury.

    Sucks great big Money Boss Hustler balls. Bro's I kid you not this is some kind of uncomfortable. It's been two weeks since the op and I have to wear this immobalizer until December! No working out at all except cardio on a bike........and that's a waste of time if you ask me. Yes, I still do's killing me I can't lift anything though. I see all my gains from the past three years going out the window................but I know I'll bounce back. Just bitching.

    Thanks for reading..........carry on.

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    Well i am looking forward to hearing your comeback & success story buddy! Glad to hear from you

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    Tore my (L) Pec major in late Jan, and had my arm in a sling for almost 4 months. Close to six months before I could do anything. Thank God for muscle memory.
    I know it sucks, but you'll recover faster than you think.
    Rest up, and careful with the pain meds

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    Hey Jugg............ sorry to hear your in some pain but in the end it will be worth it.

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    bro i had THE EXACT SAME SURGERY. Ripped my right rotator cuff to shreds, I had the best doctor in new york fix it...Dr. McCann in Manhattan, he does all the work on the New York Knicks. I Wish I would've known you had this problem earlier I would've recommended you to him, he did an amazing job bro. I actually got into a fight a few months after physical therapy, and my right arm ended up intact while the unoperated arm popped out lol. Getting back to the point, DO NOTTTTTT rush anything. I rushed it 3 months post op simply throwing a ball to my friend and it ripped the cuff in half again. 2nd time around I was careful and I'm back to my old self, and still...the operated arm works better than the healthy one! Good luck bro, pleeeease do not rush anything.

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    I'm fixing to get my rotator cuff surgery

    I've already lost about 10 pound cause I cant workout and I'm not looking forward to recovery down time..........

    Oh well good luck with yours........ Remember what doesnt kill us makes us stronger!!!!!!

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    @ least is wanst your labrem

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