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    Could I be diabetic?!?

    Okay so I saw this commercial tonight about diabetes and it had several questions and they are.....

    1. Do you constantly have to urinate?
    answer: Yes but i think its because i drink a lot of water.

    2. Are you constantly thirsty?
    answer: yes but thats because i eat a lot and drink a lot while working out.

    3. Are you always hungry?
    answer: yes but isnt that because my muscles are demanding food 24/7?

    4. Do you irritate easily?
    answer: only when im hungry.

    5. Are you lethargic?
    answer: i was very lethargic for a long time, but then i got my diet in check, started taking my multivitamin everyday, supplemented with lots of vitamin c and e, and drank more water....but i do get tired every now and then but i think its from constantly being full from stuffing my face all the time.

    so my answer was yes to every question but under circumstances. do i have anything to worry about? another thing...when i dont get to eat my meals on time, i get irritable, sweaty, become dizzy, and its almost like i can feel my body eating away at my muscles, but all that could just be my mentality messing with me telling me im getting smaller....what do you guys think?

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    i had to ansewr them with yes also but for the exact same reasons. if your worried go see a doc and have it checked. i do that regularly as i'm on hgh/slin.


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