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    True Story, Check This Out

    On Friday the 18th of this month, approx 9 days ago something strange happened. It was about 1:00 pm and I was on this site posting as usual and I hear Linda screaming from the top of her lungs in my bedroom. So even though I can hardly walk because of a super sore quad from an injection, I move as fast as I can to see what is wrong.

    Now I want to let you know that I live in the hills here in Baja and it had been warm for about a week. Because of one of my 6 dogs who love’s to tear up screen doors, my bedroom which has a sliding glass door in it, is missing the sliding screen door. So I had been opening the door a little bit doing the warm days. Well I meet up with Linda and can’t calm her down. After a little while she takes off running into the other room. So I follow her and finally calm her down and ask her, what is the problem? She informs me that there is a snake in our bedroom. So I go back in there and I look everywhere. I find nothing.

    Well that night she wakes up around midnight, turns on the light and just keeps staring down at the floor. That wakes me up and you guess it, we end up removing everything from the bedroom. We find nothing and put everything back. That takes us until 6:00 am. The next afternoon Sat Linda again starts removing things from the bedroom and just drives me crazy all day. I tell her all day that there is no snake and she probably saw something and just freaked.

    So we go to bed that night and we both get some sleep. The next day around 1:00 pm again I hear her scream again I run into the bedroom. The difference this time is I know what she is screaming about. I look over at the sliding door and there sets a baby rattlesnake.

    I ended up killing it and I ended up telling Linda that I guess she wasn’t crazy after all. Imagine we slept in that room for at least two days with a rattlesnake in there.


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    not that crazy bruh i found a 3 foot dimondback ratelsnake in my garage n september he was caght on a sticky mouse pad trap thing he was F'in pissed so i chopped his head off with a shovle

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    <-----Scared sh*tless of snakes.

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    yeah i more or less poop my pants when i see snakes...

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    snakes....spawn of satan.

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    i run like a little baby when i see them

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    i had a 2 ft rat snake(non-poisonous) in my backyard and i tried to be cool and grab it from the tail like the croc hunter. that little phucker took a strike at me scared me so bad that i stomped him to death. snakes suck!

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    im not scared of snakes, but id much rather get bit by a 3ft diamondback than a baby rattler...(hah, if i HAD to choose)! As you may know or not, baby rattlers cant control their poison injection, so they keep biting and biting and injecting and injecting more poison...adults control theirs. babies are way more dangerous. that sucks...!

    SPIDERS on the other hand!! if i see one in bed, i act like your wife!! lol! i change the sheets, shake out the covers, look under my pillows..sleep with the light on..haha whatever it takes till i dont think there are any more spiders..
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