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    How much does the goverment really know about steroids?

    I know that the government thinks that steroids is nothing but bad news but how much knowledge do they really have with athletes using steroids and etc? Your view points is grateful.

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    yep, by now, they must know what we know.

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    Originally posted by JP1570
    yep, by now, they must know what we know.
    I really wish that we could screen the people that come new to the board..who knows how many government agents are reading and posting on the board.? Does any one else think that they could be.?

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    First, I have no doubt that government agents are amongst us here. Its their job to be here so we should expect them, hence the policy of not talking openly about sources or passing that info to someone we dont know (OR have not known for some goodly time!)

    Second, Im pretty sure that the government know a whole heap about AS, but possibly NOT as much as us simply because they will be going by official research which means that either they have the OLD research or that someone soemwhere is still testing in secret.

    Also when we the "The Governemt" and "They" just who are we talking about?

    Its probably that there is ONE person who is the government expert on AS and who gives advice to the rest. My betting is that HE knows didlly squat and takes his info from someone else down the line. Which leads us to the tricky reason as to WHY they have banned AS, forcing us to find these things on the black market and to risk not only legal action should we be caught, but real life risks should we take some dangerous fake gear.

    Anyone who looks at the MrO competitors and thinks that they are NOT on AS needs to get a new brain! So I have to wonder why it is that the law enforcement agencies dont just run into (For example) Ron Colemans home off season to arrest him.

    Im sure pressure from various sports federations has aided the ban on AS, but to what degree who knows! Smoking weed is illegal but plenty of people do it and I dont see them going out rioting and driving over people, and yet booze is legal to buy and causes extactly those effects (In SOME people, not all!!)

    Its that sort of comparison which leads me to think that there are a whole heap of backhanders going on someplace down the line, to keep some things legal and some things not.

    Lets face it, who is there to give backhanders to get weed legalised? Who is there to give backhanders to get AS legalised? (At least who can outbackhander the sports federations!!)

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    The government knows the same as we all do, except they like PaPaPumP even less than we do.

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    I have no doubt that the governemtn is observing boards like this and others regarding steroids . They probably havve a good idea of what's going on.

    But the fact is that steroids are not causing huge social damage on the order of Crack or heroin addiction, so there is little pressure to go after the users of steroids, thus probably very little budget allocated. The less the budget, the less action they can take.

    Until somebody makes a big stink about the dangers of AS in the media (if they do, when and if there is a big profile new story) there is really no pressure to change and the status quo will remain.

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    I think they are on here to an extent. I agree with ajax there is more pressure for other drugs. Just an example. There was a bust in my town by dea for 600 licks of K and some AS. It was a pretty big write up talking all about the K. Street value, amounts what it used for. And on the AS the only mention it got was " and some anablic steriods " Thats it. Just 1 line acually 2 words.

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    alright you are all under arrest!!!

    seriously, back in '91? when they debate was going about AS, the AMA, big pharma, and others came out and said we didnt need to schedule them harder. It was the sports federations that pushed to ban them. Nice to know that the NFL, NBA, NCAA, ... can control teh rest of us.

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