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    bodybuilding books

    what good books have you read that are out, pertaining to bodybuilding/diet overall good books worth the $$$

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    The best articles are written at *************. My favorite writers are Ian King, John Davies, Mike Mahler, Dave Tate, Chad Waterbury, etc. I know you said books but I would go with this site (updated training advice).

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    arnold shwarzennegar encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding
    1000 pages...20 bucks

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    Ahnold's book is great for the pics, but has some very antiquated ideas about training and recovery. Good little history of bodybuilding. Great coffee table book.

    Frank Sepe wrote a nice little book called, "The Truth" that isn't as far off the mark. Definitely worth a read.

    "Body for Life" has some good stuff in it. Just remember you don't have to buy all their crap to get good ideas from the book and apply them.


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    one thing you might wanna look into is getting one of mentzer's books, and an ahnold book, just to compare and contrast the different training philosophies and those two guys are about as far on each side of the continuum as it gets. ahnold will have you in the gym half your waking hours and mentzer would have spend more time on the crapper weekly than training.

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