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    I cant take it anymore, time for a new bed.

    It's my girlfreinds bed, it's quickly becoming a piece. Seems like my lower back is getting worse and worse w/ each nights sleep. I constantly toss and turn in it, the thing is just a piece of shit and doesnt give me enough support. The kicker is I have an awesome bed I'd like to bring over but its only a double, and there is no way thats happening. So I think I got a guy who wants to buy my bed, and hopefully w/in the next few weeks I can come up w/ some cash for a new bed for us. I'd love one of those Temprepedic(?) ones but I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford that. I'll get something better than this thing though, thats for sure. just venting

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    I know what u mean..cant stand sleepin on a bed that fvcks with ur back. AHhh i listened to that video the very end is fvckin hilarious

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