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    hy everyone , but a question for jason
    Jason , my son did use your atavar to make a T shirt for him ,
    but he had to enlarge it , so the resolution was messed up ,
    can we have your atavar for him to use , but a size bigger , could be you have it on your computer as a .JPG , will you send it to me please , so my son would use it to make a new T shirt .
    thanks by advance ...
    second question , before we discuss about Tshirts here ,
    how did ended that ??? can we order some ????

    greeting from belgium

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    not sure if jason will get this via posting a message. how about you PM him and he'll respond quicker that way.

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    Sorry, I can't do that. I have already made a few shirts and we are going to be selling them shortly. I find what you did very flattering but if we did it for you, everyone else would want it too.

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