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    so who else had a crazy new years?

    Me and my buddies went to huge caberet with around 2000 people or so. We all ended up losing each other so I was either cruising around the place with other people I know or looking for ass for most of the night.

    Long story short when I finally met up with 2 of the 7 guys I was with it was close to the end of the night and we were walking up this ramp to the other room and some dude elbowed my buddy, who was in front of me, in the chest out of no where. I didnt see it so I kept following him. He's a big guy but he said after he didnt want to start anything cause he was with his girlfreind. Well after I walk half way up the ramp I turn around and see my buddy behind me throwing bombs at some guy.

    He's a big guy too but he's been in 2 fights in his life so I knew he didnt start it. So I ran up the ramp grabbed my friend away from his girlfriend and he ran down the ramp with me and we see 2 guys jumping him. I swear to god this looked like something out of the WWE.

    When we got to the middle of the ramp they were up against the railings and 3 guys were on him so my buddy grabbed one guy and KO'd him before he hit the ground and I was throwing haymakers at the other guy that jumped in until I took him down. My friend that we were helping out was laughing so hard while he was fighting his guy cause we dropped the 2 guys that jumped in the fight in literally 5 seconds. So he was taking punches and laughing at the same time until security came in, broke it up and kicked out everyone except for us.

    Then later I was dancing with this chick that looked exactly like angelina jolie so I lost everyone AGAIN. And ended up riding the bus by myself for 45 mintues until I got back to my buddies apartment then went to bed around 6. But I got angelina jolie's # and just got back from a date with her so its all good. Turns out she's a bikini model . But yea thats my new years. It was a longer story than I thought, haha. Did anyone else have a crazy new years?

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    Well, I had a nice romantic evening at home with my Princess. That was wild enough for me. We had my entire collection of Frank Sinatra songs playing on the puter, and after dinner and between glasses of champagne, we danced slowly back and forth across the dining room of our new home, holding each other so close you couldn't have gotten a knife blade between us. Then we made love like it was the first time and the last time. We tasted and felt and touched each and every inch of one another's bodies, between bites of fruit and bits of chocolate and sips of champagne. Finally, we screwed to a rare and precious thing... simultaneous orgasms. We were asleep by two, limbs entangled and breasts pressed tightly together. Who needs a party? I didn't, last night.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Bollick
    ...simultaneous orgasms. We were asleep by two, limbs entangled and breasts pressed tightly together.

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    i just went to a freinds house drank alote there then some how everyone endend up at my townhome and i passed out on the couch at 5 and dont realy rember alote then went to work at 11 still drunk

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    i drank entirely to much and am still payin for it right now i think some chick got me sick..oh well it was sooooooooooo worth it...

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