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Thread: anabolic day

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    anabolic day

    Just reciently the women who work for me had one of the honor days for the profession they are in… which means I have to give them gifts and tell them happy “”””’’ day, all day long….got kind of old, but it is good for morale…..

    I was thinking we need to start some type of “anabolic ” day….we don’t need to give gifts or anything, just show our support (like we do on these boards)…

    I was talking to a friend of mine awhile back from another board, and we were talking about using something to let other “juicers” know who you are….because if you and someone else in your gym both “use”, it can help break the ice alot and lead to new workout partners….

    He mentioned picking a day where if you were “juicing”, wear a bandaide on you delt to the gym that day…if you see the bandaide, you know they are one of us…

    I mentioned that some people might not want people to know what they are doing related to this, but if your doing it right, everyone with any knowledge should be able to tell anyway….

    What do you all think of this idea…if it is well received, we can suggest it to the other board admins and mods to see if they are up for it…..

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    I like it Viper. Potheads have their own day, why shouldn't we?

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    Every day is Anabolic Day!

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    Iprefer to get to know a guy before letting him know I use AS. I don't want any Joe I don't know well knowing I use AS! (And here it's even legal!)

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