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    Holy Sh*t forgot about the pain

    Damn been working out all week finally gettin back into it sh*t i cant move forgot how good it felt to be sore except for the whole not being able to walk thing from the leg workout i was doing but i guess 9 months out will do that to ya huh? And ive been hydrating live krazy so i have to get up every 5 min to piss

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    I feel you. My calves have been so sore for the last 3 days I can hardly stand up or walk. Can't remember the last time I had worked 'em up until 5 days ago. The day after was ok, but after that ...3 days of hell so far. Feels like the first time I did squats years and years ago. I've never forgotten how sore my legs were then, and I'll always remember this shit too. Doesn't seem to be diminishing much yet either.

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    I just started some German Body Comp and my whole body is killin' me too brah!

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