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    Bwaaahahaha thats some funny sheit... "I mean, its the two-thousands, can't two... or four dudes make out with eachother without being gay?" fvckin classic.

    guys should not, i repeat NOT wear girls pants.

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    hahhaa my little sisters pants (that looked great on me by the way)
    lil gross dudes makin out but thats funny as true I hate those emo dudes. Reminds me of a south park roommate is obsessed so im forced to watch it

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    My brother wears emo stuff. He's like 6' tall and like 140lbs. His friends got genetic gifts for pecs. He wants a deleoped inner chest. So, I showed him how to hit the whole chest. I tried to tell him that his inner won't stand out unless he delops over all mass.
    But when I showed him the cable cross-overs, man, he was like a man on a mission! He's never going to get it.

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