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    WOW met a FORMER WWF TAG TEAM CHAMP 2day!!!!

    Hey guys. Alright so im transfering schools and im taking recruiting trips to other schools for football and stuff. So this family comes in today. Son, Mom, and a big dad. I introduced myself and stuff, talked to them for an hour. They were from Minneapolis and stuff. I kinda looked at the DAD like wow hes HUGE. Alright so i was sitting with them for awhile (45 minutes ) just talking about the bengals, college, hockey... that kinda stuff. Im talking to his son for awhile, a coach comes up and talks about the WWF and stuff, and i was like well im a big fan i watch it all the time. The kid taps me on the shoulder and tells me his dad who is sitting right across from me was in the wwf. I immediately freak out of excitement. He tells me he was SMASH in Demolition.

    I was with the family for about 5 hours touring the school and stuff. Talked to him about the wrestling business and stuff. He was an AMAZINGLY NICE GUY. Like seriously you wouldnt believe how nice and approachable he was.

    Its so funny because last night at the airport i was watching Hulk Hogan Vs. The Ultimate Warrior in Wrestlemania 6, thinking WOW how cool would it be to meet somebody who was there and ask them about the experience. Not only did i meet somebody who was there, but there wrestled in a match and won the Tag Team Titles...

    HAHAHA This was the first pro wrestler ive ever seen in person or met before. I thought it was pretty sweet. I would rank meeting a pro wrestler ahead of movie stars but not quite musicians or athletes....

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    yea thats pretty cool. My friends dad works with smash he said is is a really nice guy always cool to meet old school wrestlers

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    Most pro wrestlers i have met where really cool to talk too, and they will take the time to speak to you.

    I was working at Triffty car rentals, met, Triple H, Chyna, Undertaker, Bret Hart, HBK, Shane Waltman (123 kid).

    When i was wrestling in the indies i met Jim the Anvil Neighthart, Jake the snake Roberts and Brutus Beefcake.

    Also met Ken Shamrock and that big fat idiot pig Mark Henry ( he will tell you to fukk off that bastard) but Ken was really nice guy

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    demolition was the shit ..... good for u kingjames

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