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    Everytime I think about trainning

    Hey all,
    I have been out due to an accident. Now, I am ready to get back in the gym. I have been craving it. BUT, something always happen. My step-daughter got sick 3 weeks ago, then I got sick last week. Now, my step-daughter is sick again.
    My wife is working her ass off since I have been looking for a job since I got laid off before the new yr. I was the lowest in seniority at my job. If anybody wonders.
    Now, I am over my accident and my depression. Everybody is ****ing sick. I am going to possibly get it again. I am so pissed off. Everytime I think about the gym I cannot. I just ordered and got my new supply of protein and fatburners.
    It is always something. I am at 180 with 27%bf (according to the scale) at 5ft. 8in. So, you can see why I am pissed off.
    Just needed to rant.

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    quit ur bitchin and go to the gym...just playin, i know how u feel, 3 outa the last 5 weeks i've been sick but i've forced myself to the gym..once u get a good pump goin u start to feel well again...

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    yeah i had a cheat-filled weekend, i feel like shit right. but i know tomorrow im gonna wake up, do an hour of cardio on an empty stomach (prob still full from tonight though) take my supps, eat a good breakfast, then, train my client, then hit the gym hard at 1pm and feel like a million dollars again at 4pm. its a cycle man, we got our on days, and our off days.

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