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    And all of this is caused by juice. Damn it I am stopping right now and doing Heroin instead, its just so much safer !!!!!

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    I guess its just easier to pick on the few steroid cases rather than the alcohol sex crimes and recreational drug cases...

    In a word...lazy...

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    Whats this big thing about steroids all of a sudden?

    Why is everyone getting all hyped up about something that is less dangerous than crap that is already out there?!?!

    The idiots running this country need to finish their previously started task on COCAINE and METHLABS. They never seem to finish ANYTHING, just seem to start more and more unfinished projects.

    Im just confused as to why they wont do a full study on the long term affects of steroids ( as said on that other thread with the video clip), but they'll do a crackdown on roids....
    Im sure it's because roids are so widely available, and since the group of people running the govt cant profit from it (just like marijuana), they'll outlaw it.
    Im sure they can make an arguement like, "well we need to regulate them to make sure they are safe. and there are all these UGL's we cant watch"... well how about all the fuhking drugs pharmacuetical companies put out everyday that are approved and are VERy dangerous to people's health and kill people...

    Anyone following me here...
    Gets on my nerves how these people have the nerve to point their finger at roids, when they are a part of the problem of other bad drugs....

    By the way, did anyone else enjoy that video clip on roids and how all the rumors about being so dangerous are unsupported???

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    i told ya so

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    they have to blame it on something

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    Gotta have a scape goat!

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