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    Priest/GHB scandal

    It's nice to know they are involved in illegal activity other than touching little boys:

    Priest pleads guilty in drug conspiracy

    Published May 23, 2002
    Associated Press

    DAVENPORT, IOWA -- A suspended Roman Catholic priest pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute the "date-rape" drug known as GHB.

    The Rev. Jeffery Windy, 31, faces as long as 20 years in prison and as much as $1 million in fines when he is sentenced Aug. 22. He was allowed to remain under house arrest at his parents' home in Peru, Ill., until then.

    In a plea agreement, Windy and five others pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute gamma hydroxybutyric acid, known to incapacitate people and leave them vulnerable to sexual assault.

    According to court documents, Windy and Timothy Shawn O'Brien, 34, of Davenport, were seen making the drug at O'Brien's house last May. Undercover narcotics agents allegedly later bought the drug from O'Brien.

    Windy and Crane had no comment after the hearing.

    Donovan Robertson, attorney for Timothy John Greenlee, 22, who also pleaded guilty, said there are disputes about the alleged conspiracy

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    Man, I don't think I can possibly comment here without typing a 10 page rant about these sick fuckers. So, I won't start. Okay maybe a couple things. The first dude was probably using the date rape drugs on little boys. I think they target little boys more often then girls counting on a more dramatic shaming "gay rape" effect to keep the victims silent. I'm not saying that actually being gay is shameful.

    The problem with religion is that it's all about money, power and control. Its primary focus is not faith! IMO opinion faith is a good thing that religion tarnishes, manipulates, twists, and corrupts.

    I digress...

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