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    The 1st Sammy Hagar/david Lee Roth Show Went Like This...

    ..sammy open the show per coin toss on stern about a month ago.he had the big screen in which he was being interviewed with a mixture of his songs and short versions of videos about his career before, during and after vanhalen..he started his set with old sammy tunes then right into the 'van hagar' era songs..right about then my old buddy 'jack daniels' started to kick in (my buddies and i including jack d met earlier to get some high octane fuel in us before the show). his set list also had montrose songs too..about 6 or 7x sammy called on the waitress girls to bring out drinks 'waboritas'..the chicks where smokiiin hot.. ..sammy really played to the crowd and everyone got into it..sammy closed his part of the show with an oncore that incl dreams and right now..quiet poss one of the best endings to a show that i've ever seen.....after a trip to the restroom,getting more alcohol and meeting the usual concert chicks (phone numbers included) davids turn. he started with old van halen tunes then right into the most popular ones..for a miniute i thought i was back in high school at some dudes house for a party on a friday night with halen on the stereo..well after 2 or 3 van halen songs i had already 'second hand smoked' a joint and a half ... i was feeling real good right about now..david didnt talk or play at all to the crowd like sam but he really didnt have to. nothing like old van halen songs and a crowd of i believe 12-14,000.. roth closed his set with jump and the place rocked!!!...davids 7 yrs with van halen and sams 11 yrs with the brothers you really get the 'best of both worlds'. they most certainatly didnt need the van halen brothers out there but i wouldnt be suprised if you see micheal anthony with them for a couple of shows....definatly a show you wont wanna miss even if your not into one rocker or the other one...they both did a great job...all in all a great show ! ! !
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    Wow, I'm surprised that David Lee Roth can still stay up that late! Just kidding, I'm sure it was great.

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