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    Thumbs up Motivation thread: What things have you done to make your life better?

    Hello all

    This is something I have thought over some time. What are the changes you have done to improve your life? Especially the changes you have never imagine you would achieve...

    I guessed for me it was to have the courage and the will power to proceed with my dreams even when life has been very tough. I have fulfil my ambition being a radio deejay, I am working towards a bodybuilder and I would like to travel around the world before I close my eyes.......

    What about you? Describe the things you have done that have touched you deeply and you would never forget the experience you went through.

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    working out and having a diet religiously gives me goals and achievments when nothing else does. It's a good distraction and something you can focus on when you have nothing else working in life. bascialy keeping you busy and active, so you don't get into a slump and die.

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    I have been training in weight lifting and martial arts now for around....I am not sure but I have stuck with it longer then I stick with most things so I am very greatful! I started these because i was always a short skinny little kid that got picked on now I am 6'4" and weight 214 with around 7-10 body fat! I don't mean to toot my own horn but toot toot I am getting to be a bad ass and now not a single person will fuck with me. I am very happy with were I am going!

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    Of course, exercise and a good diet. I think another key to a better life is to continue to work on educating yourself, never stop, whether it is a formal college education, or just something you are interested in, keep the mind active.

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    scottp has said the key. I agree most definately. I'll be going to college for the rest of my life just learn new things. A powerful mind in combination with motivation will help you to acheive your goals. Let research become a lifestyle like you've let BB.

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    this may sound corny but

    my family motivates mom is disabled and my career helps supplement her income so whenever i have a booking or audition i just think, i need this for my mom.i've always been highly motivated, but i've never really had an outside source that pushed me or inspired me.i just want to be great so badly that it is a constant thought in my miond from the time i wake up until i go to bed.that's probably why i'm insane half the mind never shuts off!!!thank god for weed or i'd be a complete insomniac full of anxiety,hahaha

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