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    Whats your Typical Day ???

    Just curious on what is an example of everyones typical day, including what time they wake up, what an example of a what they might eat and at what time, when they workout , what time they go to bed , etc etc ... Just curious on how many calories everyone consumes and how much sleep etc etc ...

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    wake up 6:30 eat run eat every two hrs, work, lift, sleep

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    this should be under general questions will probably get more responses

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    Wake up 4 days a week to go to work, at about 7am. Work till 2.

    Get off work, go home. Go tan. Come home, eat, go lift.

    Then night time is pretty lame during the days I work. But on the days I don't's my schedule.

    Sleep as late as I can in. Eat a meal, go tan. Come home eat again, go lift. Come home, have a shake, and be lazy till about 10pm at night, then head out till anywhere from 2-4. Either a friends house, a lady's house, or a party...and do it all over again the next day. Ahhhhhh....gotta love them off days.

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    4:30am alarm clock goes off
    5:00am I'm in the gym
    6:30am shower get dressed for work
    7:00am breakfast
    8:00am pretend like i'm working
    10:00am meal - still pretending i'm working
    1:00pm lunch
    4:00pm meal - wondering if anyone noticed im still pretending to work
    5:30pm back at the gym
    7:00pm dinner
    8:00pm my only hour to myself usually watching TV
    9:00pm Bedtime

    How old am I again???

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    6:30 wake up
    6:45 shower
    7:05 breakfast
    7:15 arrive at work
    7:20 log on to AR
    8:00 work related
    9:30 go home for meal two
    10:30 back at work
    12:00 go home for meal three
    1:00 back at work
    4:00 go home for meal four
    4:45 hit the gym
    6:30 back at home for meal five
    9:30 meal six
    11:30 bedtime shake

    I'll let you fill in the blanks for sleeping and shittin yourself

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    9-11 Waking Up
    11-4 Out on the boat wakeboarding
    5 Eat Dinner and chill
    8-10 Gym
    11 Head out for the night!! Party!!

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