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    steroid authority

    guys does anyone know anything about this guy name "Jeff Summer". I heard he suppose to be an authority on steroids . I came across a monthly magazine this guy brings out it's called "Anabolic Insider". All I saw is that he is trying to sell bunch of steroid alternatives which he claims to be legal and just as effective as real roids. does anyone know anything about him? he sound like a scammer to me.

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    LOL i hope that was ment sarcasticly but if not yea he is a scammer

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    The authority on steroids !! Equibolan, MaXteron......ya...ok.....

    I think I finally just got them to stop sending me those mags after a year. Called them at least a dozen times, sent 1/2 dozen emails, and just ended up sending a letter via mail. Don't really enjoy magazines with pictures of needles and the word "steroids" written about eleventeen times. I'm all about cell tech.

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    I've actually used the Equi-bolan, Maxteron, and Derma-gain stack and the results could be summed up in one word.......SHIT!!!! If you are gonna spend $300 get the real thing. I gained 5lbs in 8 weeks and I did EVERYTHING 100% spot on. I've gained more in 8 weeks on creatine alone.....and it didn't set me back $300. Never again will I use ANYTHING but the real deal.

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    600mg strong is their claim, and i think they are full of shit as well...XXL

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    Everymonth that pric e-mails me tryn to seelme something . I dunno how he got my addy but im pissed cause my dad shares my e-mail and i dont need E-mails titled LOOK NEW STEROIDS !

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