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    Long Time No Joke...

    So here is a joke...

    Weekly Joke: Spell Ice Cream

    This little old lady walks into an ice cream parlor and asks
    for 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream. The man behind the
    counter says 'I'm sorry, we are all out of chocolate ice

    The lady says 'OK, I'll take one scoop of chocolate ice
    cream in a cup.'
    The man says 'Ma-am, we are all out of chocolate'.
    The little old lady says 'OK, then I'll have a single scoop of
    chocolate in a cone'.

    The man, a little more irritated this time says 'Ok, lady.
    Spell van as in vanilla'.
    The lady says V A N

    The man says, 'OK, spell straw as in strawberry'.
    The lady says S T R A W.

    The man says, 'OK, now spell fuck as in chocolate'.
    The lady says there ain't no fuck in chocolate.

    The man says, 'Lady, that's what I've been trying to
    tell you all along!

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    fuckīnīchocolate, funny man

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